You Can Understand and Avoid Facility Fees

You can avoid facility fees. The place where you see your doctor can have an impact on what you pay for your visit. If the facility is owned by a hospital, you may be charged a facility fee. Download the whitepaper, Understanding Facility Fees.

What are Facility Fees?

  • Facility fees are often charged at clinics that are owned by hospitals to cover the costs of maintaining that facility.
  • Facility fees can range from $15 to hundreds of dollars, depending on the service you receive.

Does My Insurance Cover Facility Fees?

  • Many insurance plans do not cover facility fees or cover only a portion. Ask your benefits administrator whether you have to pay facility fees out of pocket.

What Can I Do to Avoid Facility Fees?

  • Sometimes it’s hard to tell whether a facility is owned by a hospital. When you call to make an appointment, ask if you will be charged a facility fee.
  • Ask the doctor if they practice at a different location that does not charge facility fees.