As the state considers the way they administer and fund the health benefits of state employees, state legislators have to understand what self-funding means. Some legislators may not be familiar with self-insurance or why employers choose to self-fund.

Alliance Members as Experts in Self-Funding

The Alliance has over 25 years of expertise in serving self-funded employers and other purchasers. This expertise would serve as a valuable resource to our state public policy makers.

We would like to invite you to get involved in The Alliance’s health policy grassroots advocacy efforts this summer. The purpose and goal of this effort is as follows:

  • To build relationships with state officials who share an interest in our issues; and to educate those who may be unfamiliar with the employer perspective on self-insurance.
  • To give lawmakers the facts they need to better understand self-insurance.
  • To raise the profile of The Alliance by illustrating the employer’s role in health care and the impact we can have on the quality and cost-effectiveness of health care.

Alliance Member Involvement

We believe these goals can be accomplished most effectively when lawmakers can hear directly from the employers in their districts. Therefore, we have identified a number of ways in which you can get involved in this effort:

  1. Meet with state lawmakers at the capitol or at their home offices.
    An in-person meeting with your legislator is an excellent way to build a relationship and connect legislative issues back to the people they affect. The Alliance staff will arrange these meetings where it is convenient for you and your legislator. We will provide you with discussion points related to self-insurance and are happy to join you in your meeting.
  2. Host lawmakers for an on-site visit to your business.
    This is perhaps the most effective way to share your issues. Legislators want to learn about the employers and employees they represent. An onsite visit allows you to meet with your legislator where s/he can see firsthand how your business operates. The Alliance staff will help with scheduling these meetings and provide any additional support you need for your visit.
  3. Participate with fellow employers in a roundtable discussion with your elected officials.
    Another great way to educate lawmakers on self-insurance is to invite them to meet with you and your industry peers for a roundtable discussion. This will allow you to have a more in-depth discussion with your representatives and to share different employer perspectives. The Alliance staff will identify legislators and interested employers and will facilitate these meetings.
  4. Become an industry resource for legislators and their staff.
    It is important for legislators and especially their staff, to have knowledgeable and reliable individuals they can to turn to for information about self-insurance and what is happening in the health care marketplace. One way you can identify yourself as a trusted resource is by joining The Alliance’s Health Policy Committee. As a member of the Health Policy Committee you will provide an employer’s perspective to react and respond to industry issues that may need immediate attention.
  5. Share your personal story of self-insurance and why you joined The Alliance with local media.
    You can help educate the media by giving a local perspective and sharing your own experience with self-funding. The Alliance staff can help you write your personal story in format appropriate for your local media.

The key to effective grassroots advocacy is getting involved, putting a name and a face to issues and letting legislators know how the decisions they make at the state capitol affect YOU—the people they represent. If you are interested in participating in any of the above efforts, please contact Annette Cruz, health policy and government affairs consultant for The Alliance at or 608.347.8190.

Annette Cruz

Annette Cruz

Annette Cruz was The Alliance health policy consultant. Cruz was responsible for analyzing health policy issues at the state and national level and working with The Alliance Health Policy Committee to develop strategies to influence high impact issues.

Cruz began public service as a staff person in the Wisconsin State Legislature, where she specialized in health and social services policy issues. She later served as a health policy advisor and policy director for Governors Tommy Thompson and Scott McCallum. Most recently she served as the director of government affairs in a consultant role for Blue Cross & Blue Shield United of Wisconsin.

Cruz received her master's degree in health services administration from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where she also earned a bachelor's degree in Behavioral Science & Law.
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Annette Cruz