Self-Funded Employers Are Embracing Sophisticated Steerage Strategies

MADISON, WI (Apr. 7, 2022) ─ The amount of employers at The Alliance utilizing sophisticated steerage strategies has nearly doubled in its group of self-funded employers.

Self-funded health plans are where an employer pays for its covered employees’ health claims out of their own pocket, and it’s become popular among employers looking for effective savings on ever-rising health costs.

Steerage is a benefit plan design strategy used by self-funded employers to encourage employees to seek care at high-value (high-quality and low-cost) providers.

Twenty-one of The Alliance’s employers began using innovative steerage strategies this year, which means more than 100 employers are now steering their employees to High-Value Health Care.

Additionally, 65 employers are using The Alliance’s QualityPath program, which designates several high-value providers for certain tests and procedures. QualityPath also guarantees high-quality care through a warranty and offers ease-of-administration and further cost-savings through bundled pricing at health systems.

The increase in the utilization of these innovative strategies showcases the lengths that employers will go to pay fairer prices for health care while improving their employees’ access to high-value care.

The Alliance serves as the voice for self-funded employers who want more control over their health care costs. They provide transparent, creative approaches to network and benefit plan design to unlock savings where others can’t – or won’t – using Smarter Networks℠ and sophisticated data mining and analysis. The Alliance remains a trusted, objective partner for its 300+ employers and their brokers who seek improved access to high-quality health care through a network of 34,000 health care providers and doctors across the Midwest. 

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