Past Event: Sept. 2019 Alliance Learning Circle

High-Value Health Care

January 2017 ALC

Attendees discovered the roadmap to high-value health care using four key sources that leverage an employer’s purchasing choices and also learned how The Alliance is adopting a strategic framework focusing on high-value health care.

The health care industry is changing rapidly. However, employers are uniquely positioned to positively influence the quality and cost of health care through disruptive purchasing strategies.

At this high-value care event attendees learned:

  1. The four key sources of employer leverage to obtain high-value health care.
  2. Accessing quality and cost data to aid in making better health care choices.
  3. Creating financial incentives to steer your enrollees to high-value providers.
  4. Provider network design and how you can use it to provide quality care at a fair cost.
  5. How alternative models of provider payment can align with better health outcomes.

Speakers Included:

  • Suzanne F. Delbanco, Ph.D., Executive Director, Catalyst for Payment Reform
  • Cheryl DeMars, President and CEO, The Alliance
  • Melina Kambitsi, Ph.D., Senior Vice President, Business Development and Strategic Marketing, The Alliance
  • Kyle L. Monroe, Vice President, Network Development and Provider Relations, The Alliance

The Alliance Vision

Full Meeting Recording